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View the Heavy Metal Hockey Video
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Heavy Metal Hockey

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Heavy Metal Hockey training hockey sticks are designed for serious hockey players by serious hockey players. The HMH stick is the essential training tool for hockey players who are looking to improve their game every day.

The stick is made of steel, which is heavy yet professionally balanced just like a pro stick or your game stick. Since the stick is professionally balanced, it builds the exact hockey muscles and core body muscles for hockey players. It also forces proper mechanics, increases injury recovery, and improves shooting, stick handling, wrist and forearm strength, agility, and hand quickness .

The advantage of using a HMH stick is that it builds serious strength in the hockey player's hands, forearms, and wrists. Giving the player incredible results in their stick handling and shooting skills are other advantages of using a HMH hockey stick. When stick handling and shooting, the stick forces the hockey player to have their hands in the proper position, and promotes proper weight transfer every time they shoot.

The feedback from the pros has been incredible; the most common is that HMH hockey sticks give them added strength when they go wide with the puck, snapping pucks off the glass, and clearing the puck in critical times during the game. Additional feedback includes added quickness and strength in face-offs, stick handling in tight areas, and results in the shot.

In today's hockey world, it can be difficult to find ice time just to work on your game. The Heavy Metal Hockey stick is extremely durable and can be used anywhere, from off-ice, on-ice, and dry land training, which gives the serious hockey player no excuse for not working on their game.